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Below you will find answers on our most frequently asked questions regarding our products, glove care and orders.

If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

Are all Hestra JOB work gloves waterproof?

Not all styles are waterproof. Styles with Gore-Tex™ and CZone membranes are 100% waterproof. This information is usually in the title of the glove itself.

What type of leather does Hestra JOB use?

In most cases, Hestra JOB gloves are constructed from Goatskin Leather. It will be noted in the title if made from a different leather or a synthetic material, for example the new Cowskin Driver or DuraTan models.

Can you wash Hestra JOB work gloves?

In some cases, yes. Fully synthetic work gloves from Hestra JOB can be washed. Do NOT wash Hestra JOB work gloves made from natural leather.

How should Hestra JOB work gloves fit?

In most cases, especially with warm weather multi-use gloves, you want your gloves to fit like a second skin to give you the maximum amount of dexterity possible.  For winter protection gloves, a quarter inch pinch of material at the tip of the fingers will ensure the gloves keep you warm in even the coldest conditions, but allowing your body heat to insulate the air in that space.

Are Hestra JOB cut resistant glove puncture proof?

No, cut resistance and puncture proofing are two different safety ratings of work gloves. Refer to the EN ratings of individual styles for information on abrasion resistance, tear strength, puncture resistance, cutting resistance, cold protection, water resistance, heat resistance and more.